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Pushbullet (MOD, PRO ) 18.2.32

Pushbullet (MOD, PRO ) 18.2.32

Pushbullet (MOD, PRO ) 18.2.32 

With the strong development of technology, smart devices such as phones, tablets, PC have gradually become an integral part of our lives. You can work and play with them. However, these platforms use different operating systems. That makes your user experience inconsistent. For example, you cannot send an image or a text message to your PC by using the default smartphone message editor and vice versa. That’s why Pushbullet was born. This application is developed and published by PushBullet Company. It is an effective solution to share content and synchronize notifications and messages between PC and smartphones. Currently, it is available on Android and iOS. On a PC, it works as an extension for Chrome and Firefox on both Windows and macOS.

Pushbullet how it work
How does Pushbullet work?
PushBullet is an intermediary bridge for transferring notifications, files and some other contents between smartphones and PC. The conditions for operation are very simple but not everyone knows how to set up PushBullet correctly. Please follow the instructions below:

Download and install PushBullet Premium that we provide below. Then, you can log in to the application with Google or Facebook account.
If you use an Android 4.3 or higher, you must go to Settings> Accessbility> Notification Mirroring Service> “On” to allow Pushbullet to access the notification system
On the PC, users can install the PushBullet extension, then click its icon on the browser toolbar. Now, you can log in with the Google or Facebook account you previously logged in on your Smartphone.
For the smooth operation, your devices must be connected to the network to ensure notifications are sent.

Pushbullet PRO key features
What can Pushbullet do?
PushBullet is a lightweight application of only about 5M. But it brings quite a large range of advanced functions. As soon as the setup is completed, you can exploit all its features. Please see them below:

Sending and receiving notifications between Android Smartphone and PC
Pushbullet acts as a bridge to transfer information between your Smartphone and PC. As soon as your Android device receives a new notification, it will be automatically displayed on your PC via the Pushbullet extension. Currently, it can send all different types of notifications such as notifications of new SMS, missed calls and notifications from applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Hangouts, Zalo … Even, update notifications from the system can also be sent. Thanks to Pushbullet, you can view all your notifications on your PC without opening your Android device.

Pushbullet PRO send file and more
Share content
You are browsing the web on a PC and reading a good article, and want to continue reading it on your mobile, what would you do? In the past, I used to send these links by email or save them on Facebook. However, it was very time-consuming. Pushbullet makes things easier. At the web page that you are browsing, you can simply click the Pushbullet extension icon, then press the Submit button. Immediately, a link will be sent to your Android smartphone. Besides, the application can send many other types of content such as:

Files and images: You can send images and files in multiple formats, up to 25MB.
Notes: Just open the Notes tab in the app, then create notes. They will sync automatically on other devices.
Address: This is a very useful feature when you want to send an address from a PC to your smartphone. Users can try to write your address clearly and accurately. When you receive a notification on a smartphone, just touch the address you just received, the map application will automatically locate that location.
Send SMS without using a phone
Instead of writing and sending messages on mobile devices, you can now do that on a PC. Pushbullet allows you to compose and send SMS on a PC and send it without a Smartphone. You should note that all your devices need to log in to the same Pushbullet account.

Create to-do lists
You can click on the “List” of the Pushbullet application to create a to-do list. Then, you can transfer it to any device you want. When you are on the output list, you will see a box at the top of the line for you to tick on what you have done. Any task that has been completed will be removed. It works in the same way as the TodoList and applications. Particularly on Android, this list also appears in the system notification bar, so you can see it very often.

Pushbullet PRO download and install
How to download and install Pushbullet PRO on Android?
With Pushbullet PRO, you will get the following benefits:

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Send files up to 1GB in size
100GB storage memory
Send unlimited messages
Universal copy & paste feature available
To upgrade to a PRO account, you need to pay $ 4.99 per month or 39.99S ​​for a year. If you are unable to upgrade, we bring you the latest Pushbullet mod. The mod feature allows you to unlock and use these PRO features for free. You just need to download the APK file we provided below and then install it on your Android smartphone.